Fully automated process-reliable manufacturing

Fully automated process-reliable manufacturing of board-to-board connectors

The process-reliable production of a board-to-board connector in a very compact construction form for the tuner product group in an automotive application with an automatic assembly machine. The very compact board-to-board connector combines the contact terminations SMT and THR in one connector. The essential criterion for the use of the process-reliable connectors is the SMT-ports’ co-planarity with a tolerance of +/- 0,05 mm max with all the contacts in the connection area. This automatic assembly machine for 1- and multi-row board-to-board connectors was developed and implemented, in cooperation with a long-time, competent partner for special machines

Fully automated process-reliable manufacturing of battery cables for 10-50 mm² cable cross-sections

In order to produce battery for 10 - 50 mm², Provertha has implemented a fully-automated assembly line together with a competent machine partner. The new machine for the efficient production of battery cables according to the latest technologies is based on cable manufacture machine which was, with the use of various processing modules, extended into a complex, fully-automated assembly line, which can process cable diameters from 10 - 50 mm².

Fully automated process-reliable soldering of sensor cables

The process-reliable point-by-point soldering operations on a sensor cable are conducted by a PC-controlled table soldering robot with 3 axes. Thereby, a jacketed cable tin-plated ends of the single conductors are contacted with the sensor ports of the sensor. The high position reproducibility of +/- 20 µm and the free and complete programmability of the soldering positions, of the soldering bolt and of the axis allow the high process quality of the soldering operations.